Wildcat Canyon Orinda Ride

It looks like Strava now has some code to embed a ride.

Ride report: Wilmot and I biked to Spruce and Virginia where we met up with Jacky. The three of us chugged up to Tilden Park and took Wildcat Canyon down to Camino Pablo. The roads here were fairly flat until we took a right onto Canyon Road and climbed 500 feet or so to Skyline. The ride was a mix of shade and very hot sun – it must have been around 85+ when we were riding despite starting early, so I blame that on my fatigue when climbing up. Wilmot and I then parted ways with Jacky and headed down Snake Road back to Oakland. On the map I thought we were going on Snake Roll – must be my inner desire for sushi getting channeled into the ride.

Distance: 34.1mi
Elevation: 2,599ft
Moving Time: 02:33:12
Calories: 1,333

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