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After writing about Toilet Paper repair, I wasn’t sure if my blog could get any more exciting, but I’ve outdone myself today. It’s all about window blinds in this edition of home diy projects.

When we moved into our home, the homeowners manual for our HOA said something about making sure we had window coverings on our windows within 180 days. I think we’ve been in our home for 6 months and no one has complained. But, lately, my computer faces a window and when the sun sets, it shines right in my eyes. Very hard to play computer games to work under these conditions! I finally relented and got some blinds for a few windows in our home. They were surprisingly easy to put up.

We went with some faux wood blinds from Home Depot – after measuring our windows we picked a set of blinds that closely matched what we needed and then a kind store associate used a blind cutting machine to size them for us.

This was the smallest sized blind we purchased – for the master bathroom.


Here’s our previous window covering. Wine boxes have multiple uses!


Here’s all of the parts – essential components include mounting hardware, blinds, and a valance.


Putting in these brackets was the most time consuming. Probably because I was standing on a stool in the bathtub and I didn’t have much torque to turn the corner screws. My knuckles are sore since I did this 6 times for all of the brackets. Those suckers are in solid.


Once the brackets are in it’s pretty easy – all you do is slide in the blinds, lock in the brackets and you’re 90% done! As you can see below, the blinds are much longer than the window, so we then had to snip out some of the panels. We took out 6 – the threading in blinds is quite impressive – you can snip off a few threads and off the blinds go and then you just tuck in the excess fabric in the bottom blind which is a bit more substantial than the others.


Finally, you mount on the valance on top and you’re set!



(I’m sure this is incredibly exciting, but I do want to recap my trip to Argentina so expect a day-by-day play-by-play of that soon!)

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  1. Stephen March 5, 2013

    I would totally recommend buying a power drill. I bought a M12 Milwaukee, and it has saved me hours from building ikea furniture, mounting pictures, installing blinds/curtain rods, etc. Best purchase I made as a new homeowner… that or the actual house.

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