Argentina Day 3

Today was actually a half day of travel as we were flying south to Ushuaia. That means moving from point A to point B on the map.



The 3.5 hour flight definitely speaks to the size of Argentina. Ushuaia calls itself the southern most city in the world (although in Chile, Puerto Williams is technically more southern but smaller). Nevertheless, it’s still a substantial city, with nearly 60,000 people. It’s bordered by the Martial mountain range to the north and the Beagle Channel to the south. It’s also a port for tourists heading to Antarctica. Every day we saw a large ship pulling into or out of the port, which was strongly correlated with Internet speed.

When we arrived in Ushuaia we met our guide, Dom, who would accompany us for the next few weeks. We took taxis to our hotel, Alto Andino and checked in. From our room, we were greeted with this view:



Can’t complain with this view – you could see the city, the Beagle Channel, and the surrounding mountains.

We spent the afternoon on a mini-hike up to see the Martial Glacier. The hike starts at the bottom of a ski lift – we were too late to catch the lift up so we walked up until we hit the end of the lift. We were treated to a gorgeous view of the area.



For dinner we ate at a restaurant called Kuar. It’s located right on the water and we were able to watch the sun set. It was also our first chance to have the local king crab. Fresh and delicious!




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