In line with one of my 2013 Resolutions, I checked one off the list by installing ceiling fans this past weekend. Yup, that’s what this blog has turned into. Instead of pictures of some awesome trip I took or some food I ate, I get to show you what I do as a married person/homeowner! This is life on the edge! I did learn a bit about installing a ceiling fan. Watching videos on YouTube was incredibly helpful to make sure I didn’t burn down the house or electrocute myself in the process.

Here’s our fan – a Hampton Bay fan from HomeDepot. Holden does not approve of boxed items (he scampered when I started to open it).


Parts for the fan. Instructions were well written so putting things together on the ground or when I was near the ceiling wasn’t that bad.


Hole in the wall. We had our home built with the light sockets already installed. This prevented us from having to put our own wiring into the ceiling and to install a brace to hold the fan. Hindsight is 20/20 folks!


Once the base of the fan was put together, it was time to connect the wiring from the ceiling to the fan. This was the most time consuming part, since we had to strip wires and connect them. I double and triple checked to make sure I connected the right wires.


Kolina helped with the wire stripping. Many jokes were made on this point. :)


After this was installed, the rest was easy. You attach fan blades, the light, and then turn on the circuit breaker. Amazingly, it worked! I’m very happy since the fan means we can hopefully make it through the summer without needing AC and we have good light in the room in the evening. The bulbs are rated to last 10K hours so I don’t have to detach the cover for another 5 years.



Installation took me an hour or so for the first one and literally half for the second room now that I knew what I was doing. This type of installation is quoted to cost around $100 per fan. Good to save some money and DIY.

I still need to install a fan in the master bedroom and a pendant light in the downstairs bedroom. After that, maybe something related to getting one of those nifty Nest thermastats would be fun.

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  1. Nelson January 25, 2013

    Yeah, the Nest is pretty neat. We can control ours from Japan!

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