Groupon Fine Print

I think this goes without warning, but I often get Groupon deals sent to my inbox and think “Wow, this is a great deal!” When it comes to vacation packages though, I’m often underwhelmed once I read into when you can travel. For example, I saw a nice two day getaway to Carmel from $209. Yet, here’s the fine print:

  • Not valid 2/7-2/12, 2/17-2/18, 3/2-3/3, 4/6-4/8, 4/13-4/14, 4/27-4/28, 5/11-5/12, 5/25-5/27, 6/1-9/2, 9/21-9/22, or 10/5-10/6

If you read that carefully, you can’t use this deal between JUNE – SEPTEMBER.

Further down,

  • $209, valid Sunday–Thursday (a $320 value)
  • $259, valid Friday and Saturday (a $500 value)

So really, you’re probably going to have to travel on an odd weekday (not ideal) or pay more than what you initially think when viewing the deal. Plus, you’ll be going to Carmel in less than ideal weather.

I think these are great deals if you search carefully and can make a quick vacation out of it, but so far I haven’t found any deal that really fits with the reality of my travel schedule.

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