Sunday November 27, 2005

November 26, 2005

Every year our family puts out an annual Holiday Letter.  It goes out to all our relatives and friends.  Each of us has our own paragraph, where we get to brag about what we’ve been doing and (most recently) where we’ve been traveling.  Along with the letter is a picture of my sister and I, which over the year’s, has become more and MORE of a pain in the ass to take.  Usually, with my sister at Harvard and me at Stanford, the only time of the year when we can take a picture is during Thanksgiving break, the one time of the year when it is virtually guaranteed that our family will be together.  So, this morning was the fateful day when we (well, my Mom), decided it was time to take “the picture.”  The first year we had moved to St. Louis (1995_holy smokes), we had taken a picture in front of the Gateway Arch.  Accordingly, my parents wanted to take us there again and replicate our poses for a “ten years later” shot.  At 9am this was probably the worst thing ever, but we were dragged out and put on our fake smiles in front of the arch, in virtually the same pose as 10 years ago.  The only difference, was that I stood below my sister on the slope, because I am now taller than her (in the old picture she was taller). 

For the rest of the afternoon my Mom had a schedule (oy).  We drove by Busch Stadium as it was being torn down and tried to go to “Fredbird’s Garage sale” to get old Cardinal memorobialia, but everyone from Missouri and Illinois was there waiting, so the line was too long to get in.  We stopped at Best Buy and then went to LuLu’s for some excellent dim sum!  In the afternoon I spent a few hours in the back clearing more leaves.  After three days the entire yard had a light sprinkling of fallen leaves, which really made it look like I did not clear the backyard one bit.  Of course, after this run through, in a few days it will look the same.  I guess that’s why most people clear their leaves when ALL the leaves fall off the trees.  But, not this family!

I had my heart-broken this evening watching Stanford nearly pull off an upset against Notre Dame.  3 hours wasted is what it feels like after watching them lose.  Andrea and Eric came over later and we played Trivial Pursuit – Andrea won!  Since Eric wanted to drive and was getting antsy around the house, we returned a DVD Eric and Andrea had borrowed and went to 24 hour Walmart at 1am.  I picked up Taboo and Minority Report.  But, after just talking to Jenny it appears that she owns Taboo, so I will return this game promptly and save some money.  But, that will come in a few weeks.  In 4 hours I am leaving for Stanford!  EXCITEMENT!!!!

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